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Short Description:

Easy Place to Shop.com is a Virtual Online Shopping Mall / Directory and easy to use Shopping Blog, that makes Online / home shopping easy, and safe in fun and cool new ways.

History of Easy Place to Shop and a longer Site Description:

When I first came up with the idea for Easy Place to Shop in 2007, I was doing some research for client, (I have been an Online Marketing Consultant, and have specialized in SEO for years.) and I remember thinking that browsing through a variety of different websites while doing keyword searches was not very convenient and extremely time consuming. Thinking about what to search for, how to search for it, going through site after site and looking for the best products and deals takes forever. By the time I went through three or four different product searches and thirty to forty different shopping websites I had been Online for over an hour and a half! I thought to myself, “there needs to be a faster, easier, and overall better way to shop and browse online.”

I spent the next three months researching online shoppers before I actually started building the website. I wanted to know how people were currently shopping Online, where people were shopping Online at and what types of websites people liked. One of the first things that I decided was to categorize websites for people instead of them having to create categories themselves by doing keyword searches. I was not the first person to have this idea.

Shopping Directories, Portals and Networks have been Online almost since the very beginning of the Internet. Most Shopping Directories / Networks however are primarily used to help website owners build what’s called link popularity and try to improve their search engine rankings instead of providing a useful easy to use network of quality sites for Internet shoppers. Our Shopping Mall will help website owners build their link popularity (more than most Directories) but that is not the sole or even main purpose of Easy Place to Shop.com.

The primary focus of our Online Shopping Mall is to make finding the best shopping sites and deals on the Internet that you may not normally be able to as easy as possible, saving you time and money. We do this by hand selecting only the best and most reputable shopping websites that offer discount deals and the best products on the Internet. Most of our sites are smaller Internet based companies owned by honest hard working people. Because they do not have the employee, overhead, rent and other operating costs of bigger websites and traditional stores allows them to pass those savings to you offering the best discount prices and deals possible. We split these Online stores into easy to navigate product based categories that make browsing a variety of shopping sites or finding exactly what you are looking for fast and easy.

If you like to browse and shop online and from the comfort of your home this unique and easy to use Internet Shopping Network is perfect for you. If you are a website owner interested in learning how to advertise your site in our Shopping Mall / Directory feel free to give me a call or send an email through the contact us page.

Lastly if you have any ideas that will help improve our Shopping Mall / Directory or if there are any sites you would like to see added to our Shopping Network, please send an email letting us know. Thank you and enjoy finding the best shopping sites and discount deals using our Online Shopping Mall / Directory. Also make sure to check out our Online Shopping Blog for another cool new way we make Internet Shopping easy and safe.

In Success,
Owner: Seattle Digital Marketing
Rick Romano
206 384 4260
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