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June 29, 2020

Industrial Ambient Air Cleaners

Commercial indoor air quality is critically important if high productivity, profits and minimal workplace health issues are the goal. Commercial ambient air purifiers are a great way to keep harmful particles, bacteria, viruses and chemicals out of the air people are breathing on a daily basis, working quietly in the background to filter the air in the whole room and provide clean healthy air.

Industrial ambient air purifiers will have much the same type of filters as commercial ambient air purifiers, possibly having a different filter configuration based on what pollutants need to be removed or thicker, heavier filters due to a heavier concentration of pollutants often found in industrial manufacturing or production areas.

Typical ambient air cleaner filter technologies will include pre-filters for large particles, MERV filters as intermediate filters capturing the next smaller size of particles, HEPA, ULPA, carbon or other media filters for chemicals / odors, and ionizers such as NPBI (near point bipolar ionization) This type of ionizer is often best as it is both antimicrobial, killing bacteria, viruses and other germs in the air and on surfaces while being safe to use when people are present. Commercial ambient air purifiers will also usually provide higher airflows from 1000-5000 CFM to be able to cycle all of the air in the space 5-6 times per hour or more.

Regardless of what type of industrial ambient air filter you need, at our online store we offer one of the best selections of proven, high performance industrial and commercial grade ambient air cleaner units at the best possible discount online sales price due to our extremely low overhead as an online store. Call us today with your questions–we’re here to help you choose the perfect ambient air cleaner for your needs without overspending.

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July 6, 2008

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