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May 13, 2009

Book Shopping Online

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  1. Acoustic Guitar Money: How To Make Hundreds Per Week with Acoustic Guitar Music!

    This ebook is the manual that teaches you how to make hundreds or more per week playing live acoustic music! Works for drummers, keyboards, bass players, too! Includes everything you need to know from learning songs, where to get free lessons, booking, marketing, how to construct an entertaining show, and much more! Even includes two free reports: a Quick Start Guide for those who really want to move fast and Vocal Tips–how to sing properly and increase your range naturally and safely!

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Some are even using this ebook to prepare for X Factor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent–click here to find out why!


    Comment by Rex — January 30, 2012 @ 3:44 pm

  2. Acoustic Guitar Money: How To Make Good Money Playing Acoustic Guitar

    A lot of people play guitar and many of them wonder how they can make good money with it. Well, there are several ways: recording, writing songs, playing in a band, or even selling it on Ebay! But actually, one of the best, easiest ways to turn your guitar into a good source of income is through live solo or duo acoustic guitar shows. And you don’t even have to be able to sing to do it. Literally, if you can strum the chords to some popular songs, you can start making money with your guitar. Sound interesting? Read on!

    There’s actually a trend happening right now where bars, restaurants, wedding and party planners, etc., are choosing live acoustic music over bands, DJ’s, etc for entertainment. Why? Mainly because it’s a lot cheaper to hire a one or two-person acoustic act, and since there’s not much equipment, they’re in and out quickly. And, it’s just easier to deal with. All you have to do is be able to strum the chords to some popular songs for 3-4 hours, have someone with you that can sing well, and you can make good money, usually at least $100 a night or $25 an hour. Some gigs will pay $300-400 for a two person acoustic act, for the same amount of time or less—and that gives you something $35-50 an hour EACH. That’s a lot cheaper than most bands or DJ’s at $800 ,1000, or more. But it’s still good money per person as an acoustic player. And if you can sing, you can do the whole thing by yourself and keep all the money. What do I know? I do it every week and I can tell you for a fact: it works, and it’s not difficult to get started if you know a few tricks, techniques, and secrets like exactly what songs to play, where to find the good gigs, how to handle booking, what equipment you need, etc.

    The good news is there’s an online book for that! It’s called Acoustic Guitar Money—a manual that covers all the tricks, techniques, and secrets to quickly establishing a good solo or duo acoustic guitar show and regular income. There’s even tips on how to get free guitar lessons online, an easy script or format you can use to run your show, vocal tips, what to say to get a gig 95% of the time, and a lot more. I put this online book together to help musicians, artists, and guitar players support themselves, and do it well. There’s even some specific information on how to use playing live acoustic guitar and singing to regularly train yourself for competitions like American Idol, X Factor, America’s Got Talent, etc. Tons of good information to quickly take you from playing in your bedroom to making good money, maybe even to America’s biggest stages! We also offer coaching if you want to supercharge your success and get there quicker—just let us know. So check out Acoustic Guitar Money—I think you’ll be surprised.

    At Acoustic Guitar Money, we are dedicated to helping the independent guitar player and other musicians learn some of the a href=http://www.acousticguitarmoney.com/>best ways to make money with a guitar, support themselves and reach their music goals as fast as possible. Contact us with any questions you may have. We’re musicians, too, and we’re here to help.

    Acoustic Guitar Money

    Comment by Rex — January 23, 2013 @ 10:38 am

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