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November 19, 2013

Why Vinyl Records are Making a Come Back

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Music makes almost everything better. There is the perfect song for pretty much every setting and occasion. However, modern CD’s and digital downloads lack the soul and character of vinyl records. Many music enthusiasts swear that the sound of a new vinyl record cannot be matched by digital recording. While others will tell it is the scratches and imperfections of used vinyl that gives it the character they love. There is also the personal experience you have while playing vinyl records. You spend time with the music taking the record out of the sleeve, putting in one the turntable and placing the needle on the record. This is a personal experience that cannot be replaced by pushing a button and skipping through the music.

In order to listen to vinyl records of course requires and a record player. There are only really two types of turntables, traditional record players and USB Turntables. Traditional record players only allow you to listen to and play vinyl records while USB turntables will allow you to not only listen to vinyl records, but also convert them to MP3 format and upload their music to a Mac or PC. Whether you are DJ and want to spin vinyl, or are a younger music lover that want to experience the sound and feel of vinyl records or want to be able to enjoy your old vinyl records again traditional record players and modern USB turntables allow you to do just that.

We recently added http://www.audioturntablepro.com to our online shopping mall at Easy Place to Shop. They offer a variety of traditional record players and USB turntables as well accessories such as turntable belts, phone pre-amplifiers, phone cartridges and headshells. Whether you want to fix your old record player or want to buy a new one, they have the turntables, parts and accessories you need to enjoy vinyl records. You can find them in the Home Electronics and Turntables and Accessories sections of our Internet Shopping Directory. Make sure to also check out the Consumer Electronics sections of our shopping blog to learn more about this site and their turntables.  http://www.easyplacetoshop.com

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