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December 8, 2009

A New and Better way of Teaching Fractions

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It seems that there are few things we learn in school that has practical use in our everyday lives. Math and fractions however are not one of these. Whether balancing your budget or grocery shopping working with fractions is something we all use in our professional and personal lives. As a parent or teacher it is your job to provide your kids the tools and skills they need to learn and feel comfortable working with fractions. The old way of teaching fractions is just not very effective. Studies show that the majority of kids learning fraction do not understand them and do not like them. It is time to try something new. We recently added http://www.handsonfractions.com to  our Shopping Network at Easy Place to Shop. The owner of the website developed a hands on visual method of learning fractions called Progressive Ruling that proves over and over to be very effective. People are visual learners, this method uses the way people naturally learn to make learning fractions easy and fun.  The owner of the site and developer of this method is certified in developmental mathematics and recently retired from teaching middle and high school chemistry, physics, mathematics, life science and earth science in the public school systems in North and South Carolina for a total of 27 years. You can find this site in the Children, Child Education and Classroom Activities sections of our Online Shopping Mall. To learn more about this site and the Progressive Ruling method of teaching fractions take a look at the site there is a lot of great information there that goes into more detail about the method and how it works or check out the Children’s section of our Shopping Blog. http://easyplacetoshop.com your gateway to Easy Online Shopping.

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