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August 20, 2009

Drinking More Tea and Less Pop and Coffee

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I think it was around Mother’s Day when I started thinking about summer and how I would look in a swimsuit and really how I looked in general. It is amazing all the little things we consume in a day and how many of things have so many empty calories in them, such as a can of pop or a stop at Starbucks for that mocha in the morning. All of these things have hundreds of calories full of nothing but sugar and fat. It was around this time that I started to drink a lot more tea. Tea has hardly any calories and 0 calories from fat; even sweetened teas have very few grams of sugar. On top of that they are full of vitamins, anti oxidants and taste great. There is nothing more refreshing then an ice cold glass of tea on one of the hot summer days.  http://www.kteasonline.com is a great new site that was recently added to Easy Place to Shop for their unique selection of gourmet teas, almost unbeatable prices and quality information. They provide details about each and every one of the teas that offer such as its ingredients, its’ taste, how it is best served and other information that makes finding the perfect tea for you as easy and enjoyable as possible. You can find them in the Food and Beverage, Tea and Loose Leaf Tea sections of our Online Shopping Mall. You can learn more about this website and their Tea as well as find a great new way we make home shopping easy and safe by checking out the Beverages section of our Shopping Blog.   http://easyplacetoshop.com

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