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October 6, 2011

Why We Need to Stop Using Less Coal

Typically when you think about the energy crisis you think about oil, its cost, and will happen when reserves start to run low. However, there is another energy crisis that while not as publicized is just critical and costly. Coal burning power plants produce by far the largest percentage of electricity used in the U.S. While there is not any shortage of coal it is extremely costly both financially as well as environmentally. Coal has to be mined; mining causes a variety of serious environmental issues, as well as is extremely expensive. I was shocked to read all of the things that happen during coal mining. Whether strip mining or surface mining the cost and environmental impact is staggering. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_impact_of_coal_mining_and_burning to learn in detail all of the costs and negative eco effects the mining of coal has.

Then the coal has to been burned to be converted into electricity you can use. The burning of coal is the largest contributor to the human made increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. C02 is of course that main gas that causes the green house effect we are having in our upper atmosphere and potential global warming. The burning of coal also produces two different types of acid rain one of which is radioactive. It is unbelievable but the fact is that when comparing the radiation impact of a coal burning power plant versus a nuclear plant on the surrounding environment, coal plant’s wastes are more radioactive than waste generated by nuclear plants producing the same amount of energy. Plant-emitted radiation carried by coal-derived fly ash delivers 100 times more radiation to the surrounding environment than does the normal operation of a similar-productive nuclear plant. You can also learn more about the negative effects of burning coal at the same wiki page.

With all of these facts it is important for us to start using less coal burning power plants and increase the amount of alternative energy we use. This is something that if we all do our small part will make a huge difference, both environmentally and economically. One of the easiest things you can start doing to reduce the amount of electricity you use is to use solar lights in your home, garden and garage whenever and where ever possible. Solar lights are extremely simple to use and come in all different style, sizes and types. Solar light require absolutely zero wiring. They simple collect and store solar power and provide the same light as a regular non-solar light.

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