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September 1, 2010

Making your Own Organic Compost

Having beautiful plants and flowers in your lawn, garden and other outdoor living areas adds so much to your home, creating a comfortable atmosphere that you, your friends and family can enjoy. The more nutrient rich your soil is the healthier, fuller and more beautiful your plants and flowers will be.

Fertilizers are expensive and require extra trips to the garden supplies store. Not to mention conventional fertilizer use unnatural chemicals. These chemicals seep into and pollute ground water. This is a major contributing cause of acid rain. Using leaves, branches, weeds and other organic garden scraps to create your own compost is the best way to create nutrient rich all natural and eco friendly food your plants and flowers will love. Organic compost tumblers are easy to set up and use, are extremely affordable and make it easy to turn your garden scraps into the best all natural and organic compost.

We recently added http://www.bestcomposters.com to our Shopping Directory at Easy Place to Shop. They offer a variety of composters in all different sizes so regardless of the size of your lawn or garden or how many plants and flowers you have they will have the perfect composting tumbler for you.  They also offer composting supplies and gardening tools to help you make the best compost and care for your garden. You can find them in the Garden and Outdoor, Gardening and Landscaping, Organic Composters sections of our Online Shopping Mall. To learn more about this site and their organic compost tumblers as well as find home shopping online made easy make sure to check out the Outdoor Living section of our Shopping Blog.  http://easyplacetoshop.com

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