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January 20, 2010

Spotting Mange and Neutralizing it Early

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Your dog or car relies on you for everything, and loves you unconditionally. When they are uncomfortable and not feeling well you want to do anything you can to help them. Mange is one of the biggest health issues found in dogs and cats. Mange is caused by mites that live and burrow in your cats or dogs skin. Mange is extremely painful and can spread quickly when it is not properly treated. Spotting mange early is the best way of preventing it from spreading and causing your dog or cat more pain and discomfort. Some symptoms to watch for is excessive itching, hair loss, dry or crusty thickened skin, a foul order similar to cheese or athletes foot and lastly sores and blisters on your dogs skin.  We recently added http://www.mangebusters.com to our Shopping Network at Easy Place to Shop. They offer a proven mange / flea remedy that are proven to kill mange, fleas and get rid of smell dog orders. No expensive or painful shots needed and it’s continues use will prevent mange and fleas from coming back and keep your talk smelling fresh. You can find them in the Pets, Dogs, and Cat Health sections of our Online Shopping Mall. You can learn more about this site and their mange remedy by checking out the Pet Supplies section of our Shopping Blog. http://easyplaceothsop.com

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