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April 13, 2009

Sporting Goods Shopping Online Made Easy for All types of Sports Equipment including Outdoor Sporting Goods and Gear

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This section of the Easy Place to Shop’s unique and easy Internet Shopping Blog makes shopping Online easy for Sports and Recreational Products. Click comments below to browse a variety of articles written by our sports store owners offering a variety of Sporting Goods and Recreational Equipment including Outdoor Gear for things like Hunting, Camping, Hiking, and other Outdoor Sports and activities. Links are included at the bottom of each article to take you directly to the site, where you can browse their full line of Sports Equipment, as well as make a secure and easy Internet purchase.


  1. When buying paintball supplies for an indoor field, camp or outdoor paintball field, there are a lot of items to make sure to have on hand, especially if you are renting. The paintball markers are your largest expense in most cases so finding the best paintball gun deals, buying in bulk, can be very important, not only to minimize upfront expenses, but also to minimize losses just in case something gets broken or lost–you have less money invested in the marker if you purchase in bulk from commercial paintball marker sellers online at the best possible discount prices.

    Online wholesale paintball gun retailers have a distinct advantage over brick and mortar stores offering the same top brands–that major advantage is low overhead from not having to pay for the building and many other costs. This allows them to pass those savings on to you, the paintball field business owner and even better deals when you buy in bulk as they can afford to make a little less per marker because they are selling them in bulk 5 packs, for example.

    At our online paintball supply store, we offer a wide range of top name brand paintball markers in commercial bulk packs at the best possible wholesale prices. Give our commercial paintball experts a call toll free at 844-710-7292 We’re here to help!


    Comment by Rex — March 26, 2019 @ 11:27 am

  2. If you operate or are planning to start a paintball business, just buying a box of this or that here and there to get ready over time can be the most expensive way to go. This is because you’re not taking advantage of wholesale pricing often available to business owners when they purchase most or everything they need in one package from one supplier.

    Buying all of your wholesale paintball supplies from one supplier (or as much as possible) allows the supplier to reduce the overall cost simply because there are more items they can make a smaller margin on, but since there are a greater number of overall items, they can still make money. The benefit for the paintball business owner is a drop in overall costs, often including reduced shipping as well, plus reduced pricing for future purchases, etc. Making that one larger purchase sets up a good relationship to keep your ongoing operating costs lower–and that means you make higher profits on a regular basis.

    And just because you’re buying discount commercial paintball gear doesn’t mean you’re getting sub-standard or factory second products. Many online bulk paintball equipment suppliers offer the same products from the same brands as the higher price retailers. At our online store, we offer that full range of top -rated name brand paintball equipment at the best possible discount sales prices due to our extremely low overhead as an online store. Got questions? Call our paintball equipment experts toll-free at 844-710-7292. We’re here to help!


    Comment by Rex — March 9, 2019 @ 12:54 pm

  3. While many people know that providing proper headgear provides protection for youth wrestlers from the usual bumps and impacts from wrestling, what many people do not realize is that without the proper youth wrestling headgear, your child can develop cauliflower ear, a painful chronic condition that can cause serious complications. Your child is there to compete, have fun wrestling and hopefully win–the last thing they need is to have cheap wrestling headgear that is causing problems.

    Cheap wrestling headgear may not provide the protection that your youth wrestlers need and may actually cause damage to the ears by not fitting properly or not being padded in a proper comfortable way with the right materials. By buying the best youth wrestling headgear with proper fit and soft comfortable padding inside, however, you can easily prevent cauliflower ear and give your kids the best chance of winning as they will perform better when they are comfortable and not in pain. Plus, most tournaments require approved headgear to be able to compete so it just makes sense to buy the best youth wrestling headgear to begin with.

    At our online youth wrestling supplies store, we offer the best youth wrestling headgear and other supplies from top name brand manufacturers at the best possible cheap discount sales prices due to our super low overhead as an online store. Got questions? Give us a call toll free at 877-904-7111 and one of our youth wrestling specialists will be happy to help.

    Highlands Fight Gear.com

    Comment by Rex — February 12, 2019 @ 12:58 pm

  4. Kids involved in boxing have the best chance of becoming a professional boxer someday. The earlier you start, the better you will get, and so fortunately, many kids have found and enjoy the sport of boxing. Boxing for kids is a great outlet for youngsters to learn discipline, release aggression and get in great shape. Youth boxing programs teach self-defense and give many young athletes hope and support in communities everywhere. Boxing doesn’t require athletes to own a lot of equipment so it’s cheap to participate in, however a good pair of youth boxing shoes is a must. The wrong type of children’s footwear may cause you to slip or won’t give the traction you need to learn boxing techniques correctly from the beginning. In order to learn the basics for proper footwork in boxing, kids must have the right traction and support in the shoe they’re wearing. This is a youth boxing shoe but unfortunately not that easy to find. While there are still a few brands left and the shoes they produce are great, there is still not the abundance of youth sizes like there are adult size boxing shoes. For more variety, many boxers like to wear wrestling shoes as their boxing boots and love them. If you are open to this, the selection of youth boxing shoes will greatly open up for you. The easiest way to find the best boxing shoes for kids is to visit our online store! Check out our selection of top name brand boxing shoes in children’s sizes here http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/youth-boxing-shoes. We also have a great selection of wrestling shoes and boots that can be worn for boxing on sale for discount prices.

    Comment by Dan — July 6, 2017 @ 8:05 pm

  5. When you play scenario paintball in the woods you need the correct footwear or you will not last long. A pair of worn out sneakers will get you a thorn in your leg and probably a sprained ankle if not worse. The best choice is a good pair of combat boots with high tops to provide the protection and support you need to perform in a natural environment. Combat boots for scenario paintball also make an excellent addition to an authentic military uniform. Woodsball games are great for using realistic looking gear including actual military fatigues and combat boots. While some combat boots for sale are designed with a very basic tread used in basic training, others have more advanced hybrid soles for more diverse maneuvers. Unless a specific look is what you’re after, the best combat boots for scenario paintball are the Rothco Forced Entry Boots. These offer an extremely lightweight frame with a tread that looks like an athletic hiking boot. They are very high top but made with breathable materials so they stay comfortable in the heat. They also offer a good thick hide between you and the elements for the best protection of your feet and lower legs. Other models great for scenario woodsball are the same boots elite police and military personel use in operation right now. For the most protection, you can even get combat boots with steel toes but this adds some weight to the boot and is probably a little overkill for paintball, however available for sale. Check out a great selection of combat boots best for scenario paintball here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/combat-jungle-tactical-boots. We have both authentic replica boots and high performance tactical boots in stock and for sale at very cheap prices.

    Comment by Dan — July 6, 2017 @ 7:42 pm

  6. Despite all the crazy hype, fifty caliber paintball has had a rough, slow start for something that was supposed to revolutionize and completely dominate paintball. However even though the craze is taking its sweet time to get established, it’s still available and people are still buying it. The fact is the economics and performance of .50 caliber paintball is indistibutably better, so many experts believe it’s still only a matter of time before it really catches on. When it finally does, you will find yourself having to buy new paintball gear that matches the correct size. With some parts, like your paintball gun, you will have to switch to the new size, however not with the newest Valken paintball loader. The Valken VSL paintball loader is an electronic hopper that not only speed up your game but allow a ridiculous amount of ammo to be carried, giving you a tremendous advantage over most every other player who can only carry 200 rounds. The Valken VSL’s main claim to fame is its ability to switch from .68 caliber to .50 caliber in a matter of seconds. It also comes with a capacity extender that allows you to carry all the extra paintballs. For the .68 caliber side, this Valken paintball loader can hold up to 250 rounds with the capacity extender. For the .50, the VSL plus extender can hold a whopping 625 paintballs. The Valken VSL paintball loader comes in several stylish colors too so you can match it with nearly any marker and/or uniform. Check out the Valken VSL loader as well as all the other Valken paintball loaders available for sale here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/valken-paintball-loaders. We also carry all the parts and upgrades for Valken paintball loaders and sell them for cheap prices.

    Comment by Dan — July 4, 2017 @ 9:27 am

  7. Whether you play tournament or scenario, most paintball games are packed with action and very fast paced. You will shoot your paintball gun tons of times and run out of ammo very quickly. This is why you must also carry pods of extra ammo on your body at all times. Most standard hoppers only carry 200 rounds and it’s amazing how fast you become empty. Ammo pods are designed to hold up to 140 rounds that can be quickly dumped into your empty hopper in the middle of action. The more ammo pods you can carry on your body without becoming weighted down the longer you’ll be able to play. The best way to carry many ammo pods is with a paintball harness. These are elastic belts with pouches designed specifically for carrying ammo pods filled with paintballs. Paintball harnesses come in many different styles with lots of options for how many pods you want to carry plus pockets for other items. Harnesses are available for both tournament and scenario play and will make a huge difference in your game. Tournament style paintball harnesses have more features built for speed and often match professional jerseys and team uniforms. Paintball harnesses best for scenario woodsball are often camouflage or military colors and made of thicker, more durable material meant for battling in a harsher environment. Paintball harnesses and ammo pods are necessary secondary equipment if you play paintball. The great thing is they’re not expensive if you shop at our online store. We have a great selection of paintball harnesses here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/paintball-harnesses. We also carry ammo pods of different sizes as well as all other necessary equipment for sale at cheap prices.

    Comment by Dan — June 29, 2017 @ 7:09 pm

  8. Before mma became super popular and mainstream, jiu jitsu gis were worn even during combat. The original practice of jiu jitsu required wearing a gi uniform, however the art has also evolved to grappling shirtless for competitive cage fighting; many schools of today teach both. However if you want to learn jiu jitsu, you will invariably need a gi to wear. When shopping, you will find many variations of jiu jitsu gi uniforms, from different colors to different weights and fabrics. Traditional jiu jitsu gis are made of heavier double weave cotton, while some of the newer uniform styles have ripstop fabric and lightweight synthetic materials. Colors of jiu jitsu gis include white, blue and black and many federations allow any in competition. In most schools, beginners generally start out with a white jiu jitsu gi. Then, depending on the the club, students can wear other colors after they reach a certain color belt; reaching blue belt for example would allow you then wear other color gis. You can expect to pay between $100-200 for a good jiu jitsu gi but most with the higher price tags last the longest and perform the best. For more information about jiu jitsu gis and a great selection of types, visit http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/jiu-jitsu-gis. We carry top name brands and have lots of choices for both the beginner and expert at the cheapest prices possible.

    Comment by Dan — June 27, 2017 @ 7:56 pm

  9. Paintball is not a dangerous sport, however does require a minimum amount of protective gear for the eyes. There are also many other products available for protection of nearly all other parts of the body. For example, chest protectors, knee/elbow pads, shin guards, neck protectors and even groin guards. Many players find it fun to get completely decked out in as many pieces of paintball protective gear as possible. While this will definitely turn you into an awesome indestructible paintball warrior, you will have to be careful about which pieces of gear you choose. A lot of cheap paintball protective gear products are too bulky and may weigh you down when worn altogether. This is why you should check out Empire paintball protective gear. The Empire Neoskin Chest Protector and Neoskin slider shorts with built-in knee pads make an excellent full body armor when worn together. It makes a killer looking lightweight, easy to move in padded suit that gives both support and protection. It also feels great to wear because they’re built on a base of compression gear, so you also get the added support and recovery benefits of wearing this type of clothing. The Empire Neoskin protective gear suit will not only make paintballs bounce right off you, but it will also protect you from the elements. With this outfit on, you will be covered from head to toe in a type of lightweight armor and want to play much harder and make bolder moves knowing you have such complete protection. You can find out more about Empire protective gear and the Neoskin suit here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/empire-paintball-protective-gear. We have a full selection of Empire paintball protective gear so you can get top to bottom coverage and at a very affordable price.

    Comment by Dan — June 27, 2017 @ 7:55 pm

  10. Mma allows both grappling and striking, so the equipment you use must allow both. Without the right padded gloves, your technique may be limited and you will not have the protection your hands need for proper striking. Using traditional style fight gloves without an open palm will not allow you the traction needed to grab hold of your opponent for submissions. Boxing gloves are great for practicing your punching game and hitting the heavy bag, but they do not allow any other type of training. Only mma fingerless gloves offer the freedom of motion the sport of competitive mma fighting requires. Even though mma glove designs have much smaller profiles than the larger protective gloves used in other combat sports, they still offer a level of safety that makes them mandatory gear for both training and fighting. For competing, mma requires the use of a 4oz. size glove, however for training (and also beginners), a heavier glove with thicker padding is better; these are usually 6 or more ounces. Thicker padded fight gloves used during practice is smart to keep your hands (and opponents) the protection they need for all the repetitive striking that must happen to get better. Beginners are also highly encouraged to use mma gloves larger than 4 oz. because the extra padding is more forgiving for punches thrown with less than perfect technique. For one of the most varied selections of mma fingerless gloves best for striking, grappling, bag work, beginners and experts, visit http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/mma-fight-gloves. At our online store, we have many traditional styles for sale at cheap prices as well as hot deals on the latest new gloves as soon as they’re released.

    Comment by Dan — June 20, 2017 @ 3:41 pm

  11. Just when you thought you were on top of the scenario paintball game and had the latest marker, the newest trend has set the bar even higher for realistic paintball equipment. Magazine fed markers have been the hottest thing since sliced bread if you prefer woodsball. When you’re looking for realism, only a mag-fed tactical marker will do. Now however, as if the guns couldn’t get any more lifelike, suppliers have started producing bolt action paintball guns. While nearly all paintball markers are a type of ‘bolt action’ on their internals, the new bolt action tactical guns refer to an actual bolt the user has to pull on to add another ball into the chamber before shooting. For players who crave lightening fast action and automatic firing, this system is obviously a set back, but if you love your game to be as realistic as possible, a bolt action paintball gun will tickle your fancy. Since you can only fire one ball at a time in a bolt action marker, these guns tend to be more geared for snipers and precision shooters. The best bolt action paintball guns have also been teamed up with shaped projectiles for a fitting marriage of authenticism and accuracy. The 468 bolt action sniper is geared and ready for the deadly accurate First Strike ammunition. This combination is so effective on the field, many players who crave the speed of an automatic trigger are turning their backs on the adrenaline rush and enjoying the precision of taking their time. Check out a great selection of the latest bolt action paintball guns here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/bolt-action-paintball-guns. We have incredibly realistic replicas of bolt action snipers and assault rifles for sale at affordable prices ready to ship.

    Comment by Dan — June 20, 2017 @ 1:58 pm

  12. When you’re new to the sport of wrestling, it isn’t long before your eyes are opened to an issue that is rarely talked about, but nearly always dealt with. When sweaty young men have skin contact with lots of different other sweaty young men, bacteria and pathogens are commonly transferred. The heat, workout clothes and bodies that are questionably clean combined with sweat and bacteria creates quite the breeding ground for invisible, highly contagious critters that can really put you behind in the middle of a busy season. These are most commonly ringworm, impetigo and even staph. As a wrestler, these infections are as common as sweat in the gym and you will invariably deal with problems like this as some point in your career. While most of these are highly contagious, treatment is often easy but can quickly lead to time off the mat. This is one of the main reasons why coaches should be adamant about cleanliness and swift treatment if an athlete starts exhibiting symptoms, however the best way to treat problems like this is by prevention. Personal hygiene products including antibacterial soap, body wipes and foams to pre-treat the skin are very effective if used regularly. Most of these hygiene products cannot be bought at the super market however; they contain strong, commercial grade antibacterial agents specific for killing the common bacterial pathogens encountered on the wrestling mat. If you shop at the right store, you can find everything you need and for a very reasonable price so it won’t cost a lot to stay healthy during your season. Check out a great selection of antibacterial soaps, foams and body wipes here http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/personal-hygiene-products. We have the strongest, most effective hygiene products for wrestlers you will find on sale for cheap, discount prices affordable to nearly every budget.

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  13. Training for wrestlers and mma is not seasonal; it goes on all times during the year. While wrestling has a season, the top echelon of the sport continue training all through the year. Mma fighters may take a break after a fight, but it’s not long before they’re right back in the gym training for the next one. This means most good combat athletes have to train during cold weather as well as warm (unless you train in a part of the country where it doesn’t get cold). When this is the case, fighters and wrestlers face a common problem. They train really hard in gyms that are often very warm (regardless of the temperature outside) and end up completely wet with sweat. Then they’re faced with leaving the gym and going right into cold temperatures. This is trouble as it can often lead to catching a chill that may lead to a sickness and resulting down time. When getting ready for a fight or wrestling tournament, losing training time can only hurt your chances in the competition. This is why owning a good beanie is very smart. Mma beanies and stocking caps to keep the head and ears warm right after training will go a long way for preventing sown time from sickness. Mma beanies come in all sorts of different colors and are offered by many cool mma apparel or equipment companies, so there are many to choose from that look great. These caps only cost $10-$20 but are highly worth it and should be considered mandatory for how much trouble they will save you keeping you in the gym and out of the sick bed. Check out a great selection of mma beanies here http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/mma-beanies-knit-caps. We features beanies and comfortable, warm stocking caps from numerous different companies, all with interesting or funny logos and cool designs on sale for cheap prices.

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  14. Even though there are several top quality paintball pistols available for sale, you will find few players who use them. Besides a smaller capacity to hold ammo, the main reason paintball pistols are not as popular is because they just don’t have the power a rifle or standard marker does. If a basic model paintball gun (with no mods) can shoot 200+ feet, you’re lucky to get close to 100 with the average pistol marker. The Tippann TPX pistol however has nearly as much power as a paintball rifle! This gun can shoot 150 feet accurately just like any other paintball marker (without mods). The TiPX pistol is .68 caliber so just like most other pistols, the ammo capacity is still somewhat limited because of the size of the paintballs. The TPX uses a 7 ball magazine that fits discreetly inside the handle of the gun. There is also an upgrade magazine pack that offers two 12 round magazines but the length of these extend out further than the handle of the TiPX and this should be taken into account for holstering your gun. The Tippmann TPX pistol is lightweight, easy to wield and super sturdy. It makes an excellent back up weapon but (unlike most paintball pistols), the TiPX is also a great main gun if you don’t mind carrying a few extra magazines. Check out the Tippmann TPX paintball pistol here for a cheap, discounted price, http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/tpx-pistol. We carry the TPX pistol in several colors including black, olive and tan as well as extra magazines and other fun accessories also for sale at very cheap prices.

    Comment by Dan — June 13, 2017 @ 3:27 pm

  15. An accidental shot to the groin can be a game changer in an mma match. Inside leg kicks on the upper medial thigh is often the culprit but sometimes this can change the tide of a close fight. Even with the right protective gear, sometimes even a glancing blow can incapacitate a fighter temporarily. Whether you’re training or competing, man or woman, a good mma groin protector is a necessary piece of equipment. During competition, a sports cup groin protector is mandatory and this is checked by the ref before allowing a fighter to enter the cage. However groin protection should even be worn during practice. While a shot to the groin is not only painful and temporarily incapacitating, it can also cause more serious problems later or even be a serious injury in and of itself without protection. The best mma groin protectors are the same hard plastic or metal cups used in other sports. Boxing uses different groin protectors however when shopping it’s important to make sure you’re getting the correct product. Boxing groin protectors are also called ‘no foul’ protectors and include padding that rises above the groin area to provide coverage for the lower abdomen as well. These are too bulky for the kicks, high knees and grappling used in mma. Check out a great selection of mma groin protectors here http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/groin-protective-cups. We carry the top brand name, most protective groin protectors for both men and women on sale for very cheap prices.

    Comment by Dan — June 8, 2017 @ 6:20 pm

  16. In nearly all combat sports, sparring takes a lead role when it comes to prioritizing your training. Mock combat is the best way to solidify the techniques you have learned while also preparing you for real life situations. Regular sparring is extremely hard on the body and requires protective equipment. When there’s punching and kicking involved, partners must wear padding over their feet and fists as a minimum. Depending on how much coverage you want, you can cover nearly the whole body with martial arts sparring pads. Shin guards, groin padding, protective chest/torso pads and full head guards can be worn for the most protection possible during full contact fighting. Good martial arts sparring pads can be made of thick, rubberized foam or padded material to be secured onto the body with an elastic strap/Velcro system. Sparring pads don’t require an exact fit, but the closer the better. Martial arts sparring pads that are too big can hinder your movement or make you clumsy; too small and you have less protection. For the arms and legs, most martial arts sparring pads have fairly cheap prices, with the most expensive being less than $80. Sparring pads for the head, chest and torso cost more and may require more shopping and cost comparing. It’s really convenient if you can find all the sparring pads you will need in one place. At our online store, we have a great selection of the best sparring pads for sale here http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/mma-sparring-pads. We carry top name brand martial arts sparring pads that offer the best protection for the cheapest prices.

    Comment by Dan — June 6, 2017 @ 6:48 pm

  17. A lot of players think a chronograph is an instrument only used by commercial paintball fields. What they don’t know is that this accessory is also extremely useful for the individual player who just likes to play with his friends in the woods. A chronograph is a device that measures the velocity of a projectile as it’s fired out of a gun. Commercial fields use larger table top chronographs on their rental markers to calibrate them so they all shoot at the same speed. The velocity of paintball guns can be adjusted up to a certain limit so you can somewhat vary how hard (and far) your marker shoots. A chronograph allows you the ability to set a certain velocity and do this for numerous guns. This way, every player on the commercial paintball field is equal as far as weapons go; so no one has any guns that shoot faster or farther than the others. Over time, the velocity of most paintball guns tend to waiver and a good paintball chronograph can be very helpful at keeping your marker consistent. Using a chronograph for your paintball gun will also extend the marker’s life and keep it performing well for much longer. Paintball guns perform best and last longer when operating in a mid-range velocity. Higher velocities put the gun through much more pressure that cause it to break down faster. A good paintball chronograph can help you keep your marker operating in the optimum range at all times. Check out a great selection of paintball chronographs for sale here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/paintball-chronographs. We carry convenient hand-held models as well as commercial precision table top chronographs for very affordable prices.

    Comment by Dan — June 6, 2017 @ 6:46 pm

  18. You can wear just about anything you want to practice wrestling in, as long as you don’t mind it getting soaking wet. At some point however, you will most likely run into the issue of a common problem called mat burn. This is when your skin gets hard pressed into a wrestling mat and then scraped against it. Intense friction from the rubberized surface of the mat causes a burn on your skin, basically removing the top layer. This is a painful condition that now has to be babied around every time you wrestle. Leaving an open abrasion on sweaty wrestling mats and rubbing it into your training partners is unsanitary and not acceptable, plus making it impossible to heal; mat burns must be covered. The answer to this is wearing a good wrestling rash guard. Wrestling rash guards are short or long sleeve shirts made of lycra or similar stretchy material that clings to the skin exactly like a compression shirt. The best wrestling rash guards are made of lightweight, breathable fabric that keeps you cool and performs well on the mat. These garments are perfect for training in hot temperatures during practice and will do a terrific job of preventing mat burn. Recently, uniform rules have been updated so that athletes can now compete in wrestling tournaments wearing wrestling shorts and rash guard compression tops. Many schools and teams are predicted to completely switch so all their athletes are wearing compression rash guards and shorts. Stock up on several wrestling rash guards here http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/wrestling-rash-guards. We have both short and long sleeve rash guards from most of the top name brand companies for sale at heavily discounted prices.

    Comment by Dan — May 30, 2017 @ 7:59 pm

  19. When you want more precision and range on the paintball field, just about any sniper marker will do. However, not every sniper paintball gun is equal to another; there are some that are much better than others. When looking for the best sniper paintball gun, first consider the base marker. Almost all sniper markers consist of a base model gun with a bunch of mods attached that give it the sniper characteristics. For example, one of the best sniper paintball guns on the marked is the Tippmann X7 Phenom Sidewinder sniper. If it ends up not working out as a sniper, you will always have a terrific base gun that’s totally reliable, shoots fast and accurately and will happily accept other accessories to turn it into something else if you want. The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a great paintball gun whether dressed up as a sniper, M4 carbine or just right out of the box. The X7 Phenom comes in either a mechanical version or electronic trigger. The e-trigger is actually standard and if you don’t specify you want the mechanical version, the more expensive electronic model is what you get. However this version is the most popular and what most players want. What makes this marker such a good sniper is the power and accuracy it has right out of the box with no mods whatsoever. This gun comes covered with rails so adding a long range scope, grips and bipod are simple and easy to attach. Check out the Tippmann X7 Phenom Sidewider Sniper here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/tippmann-x7-phenom-paintball-guns. We also have several other sniper paintball guns built onto the amazing X7 Phenom and sell them for very affordable prices.

    Comment by Dan — May 30, 2017 @ 7:57 pm

  20. Walk into nearly any high school or middle school wrestling tournament across the country and you will see numerous different styles of protective headgear being worn. However the one you will see the most is Cliff Keen’s Signature wrestling headgear. These were the first and have remained the most popular to date. Widely used as they may be, this style may soon be replaced by a new hybrid model called the Fusion. Cliff Keen Fusion headgear includes the best characteristics of the Signature but with several improvements. The Signature headgear is by far one of the most difficult to adjust. When they first come out of the bag, the athlete must fit them to his/her head by setting the plastic straps to the right size for their head. This is no easy task and almost always leads to sore fingers and sometimes even damaged straps that can’t be used. Once the straps are set, the headgear will ‘settle’ and hopefully you will have adjusted it correctly from the get go. Re-setting the Signature headgear for a new fit is nearly impossible. The new Fusion wrestling headgear has very easy to use adjustable straps that are wide pieces of material so they are not only much easier to adjust at any time, they’re also significantly more comfortable to wear. The Fusion protective headgear has the same popular padded molded ear guards as the Signature, only with a more aerodynamic shape that fits the ear and head shape much better. Now, the Cliff Keen Fusion headgear is available for sale in several different colors as well. Check out all the possible colors for Fusion wrestling headgear here http://www.highlandsfightgear.com/cliff-keen-fusion-wrestling-headgear. We sell the entire collection for very affordable prices and have great customer service to help make your order much more efficient and easy to get the best headgear as quickly and easily as possible.

    Comment by Dan — May 25, 2017 @ 7:03 pm

  21. If you live in the South you know that the extreme UV rays of the sun will eventually fade and destroy everything that is left without at least some shade for protection. Nothing will last forever in the sun but if you want to use a protective RV cover to keep the sun off your RV motorhome then you need the best UV resistant fabric made. The Goldline RV cover is a woven fabric that has the longest 5-year warranty and withstands the UV rays longer than covers made of polypropylene.

    This semi-custom RV cover is made at 2 feet intervals to provide the best fit for your motorhome or camper trailer. The woven material of a Goldline RV cover has proven to stand up longer to the constant demands of the sun. Not only is it UV resistant but it is also water resistant and can do anything that a winter protective RV cover can do. The extra plush 100% Tru-weave fabric incorporates the newest technology which is exclusive to Goldline. With its Sof-Tech marine coating and the super duty UV Sun Inhibitor this high-tech fabric is not only the most durable, waterproof and UV resistant, but it is also lightweight and breathable allowing air flow that prevents mildew and mold.

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  42. Whether you play tournament or woodsball, paintball is an extremely active game, requiring fast movements in all directions. Crawling, kneeling and even diving and sliding behind bunkers or obstacles are common in both types of games and the environment can be rough on the body. Clothing worn should offer some protection against not only incoming paintballs but also the playing field. A good pair of paintball pants will keep you in the game longer and make playing much more comfortable, painless and fun. When shopping, choose pants that have plenty of room and will not restrict any motion so you can move how you need to during a game. The best paintball pants have extra padding over the knees, hips, rear and groin areas to prevent injuries like abrasions and contusions but also eliminate the sting from being hit. It’s also important to choose paintball pants that have some type of ventilation system to keep you cool and make them comfortable to wear. The best pants for paintball have mesh panels built into certain areas to keep them lightweight and airy so you won’t overheat when playing in high temperatures. Look for paintball pants that have plenty of pockets to carry tools and extra parts for your marker. Check out a great selection of paintball pants here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/paintball-pants. We feature pants from the best name brands in paintball and sell them for cheap, discounted prices.

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  90. In the fall and winter when cooler air is upon us, most players hang up their paintball gear until spring. However not all parts of the country are covered in snow during the colder months and paintball can still be enjoyed as long as you modify your equipment a bit, particularly your air tank. The most common air tanks in paintball are CO2 cylinders. These are cheap, easy to find and not too difficult to get refills if you live close enough to a big box sports store. Unfortunately however CO2 tanks have a certain attribute that make them less consistent to play with as compared to compressed air. CO2 is stored in a paintball air tank as a liquid. When you pull the trigger of your gun, the liquid transforms into a gas as it’s ciphoned out into chambers of the marker giving your gun the power it needs to shoot. If you shoot rapidly enough however and CO2 changes from liquid to gas faster, its temperature drops and can cause your paintball CO2 cylinder to ‘freeze’ up. When this happens it’s obvious, as the outside of the tank shows visible frost on it and your gun will miss shots and sputter until the gas has a chance to warm up. Shooting your paintball marker in cold winter temperatures will only enhance this annoying feature and cause many disruptions during play. The answer is to use high pressure air during wintertime play instead of CO2. Compressed air is not stored as a liquid like CO2; it stays in its same form the whole time and therefore stays the same temperature. This allows for not only more consistent shooting but also even shooting during cold weather play. For more information about CO2 tanks and a great selection of paintball air cylinders, visit http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/co2-tanks. We carry every size paintball CO2 tank available and sell them for cheap, discount prices.

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  105. Besides the mandatory goggles to prevent eye injury, most all other paintball protective gear is extra. Some of the harder core players argue against it in an act of bravado to show how unafraid they are of the sting from being hit. However if you really want to play to win, covering yourself with paintball body armor will make you practically impervious to pain. Not only does this protect you from incoming paintballs, but you will run harder, dive deeper and make insane moves you would never even attempt when you’re playing in bare arms. Knowing you can land much harder and with no pain gives you crazy new confidence. While covering your arms and legs is a good idea, the best place to start is with a pair of paintball slider shorts. These are basically compression shorts covered entirely with padding. Their purpose is to pad your thighs, rear and hips so you don’t get painful bruises and raspberries when sliding behind bunkers. Their secondary function is to protect the groin and upper legs from getting abused by paintballs. Besides a good neck protector to pad the soft tissues of the throat area, paintball slider shorts are excellent for protecting the pelvis in the same manner. Slider shorts are easy to find as they are practically an essential part of paintball gear; they are offered by numerous different brands. Check out a great selection of paintball slider shorts here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/paintball-slider-shorts. We carry the best quality slider shorts from top rated brand names and sell them for discount prices.

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  278. If your paintball marker is less accurate than everyone else’s on the field, you will be the weakest link on your team and won’t last long in the game. Conversely, if you’re the most accurate shooter, you can eliminate whoever you want to and even save money using less ammo. Improving your paintball gun’s accuracy will give you a key advantage in any game. Adding a paintball gun scope, red dot or laser sight to your marker or tactical pistol will give you the power to hit nearly anything you point at. These accessories are very affordable and readily available as long as you have a realistic scenario marker. These paintball guns often include military spec rails making them compatible with accessories and parts used on real firearms. This allows for a wide variety of choices for customizing your gun into a more authentic weapon that’s also much more precise. When adding a scope to your paintball gun, make sure you choose the optical accessory that not only fits the type of marker you use but also your style of play. If you’re a sniper or play from the back field, use a scope with greater range. If you prefer the fast action of close quarter fighting on the front line, choose a scope or sight with a larger viewing field and shorter range. Check out a great selection of paintball gun scopes here http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/paintball-gun-scopes-sights-lasers. We carry both short and long distance scopes and sights for nearly every brand of tactical paintball gun for very affordable prices.

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