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June 16, 2010

Protecting our Children Now and in the Future

As a parent you of course want the best for your children both now and in the future. Besides the possible immediate health risks associated with non organic cotton product the pesticides, dies, bleaches and other chemicals used during the growing and manufacturing of conventional cotton products seep into ground water and evaporate into our atmosphere. These toxic chemicals are very harmful to the environment, and will take their toll over the long run. It will be our children who will have to deal with the pollution, and harm to the environment that we have caused. Using organic cotton products not only protect s your kids from chemical rashes and irritations that are very painful, it also helps reduce the amount of these toxic pollutants being released into our environment. We recently added http://www.naturebub.com to our Online Shopping Network at Easy Place to Shop. They offer a variety of eco friendly environmentally safe all natural and organic children’s products for babies, toddlers and little kids at the best discount prices possible. All of their environmentally friendly organic cotton products are extremely comfortable and stylish.  You can find them in the Children, Bath and Body and Organic Baby and Toddler clothing sections of our Online Shopping Mall. To learn more about this site and their eco friendly all natural and organic cotton products take a look at the Children’s section of our Shopping Blog. http://easyplacetoshop.com

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