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April 13, 2009

Makes Shopping Online Easy for Antiques, Collectibles & Hobbies

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In this section Easy Place to Shop’s unique and easy to use Internet Shopping Blog you will find Internet Shopping made easy for Antiques and Collectibles. Click on comments below to browse a variety of articles written by our website owners selling all different types of Antiques and Collectibles. Links are included at the bottom of each article to take you directly to the sites, where you can browse their full line of Antique Collectibles and other Collectible Items  as well as make a safe Internet purchase.


  1. Creating objects from wood in a home workshop is a great hobby for a lot of people What isn’t great is the large and small dust particles that travel everywhere, coating other things and polluting the air you breathe. And a lot of bag type dust collectors just don’t get all of the dust or need cleaning out too often. This is where quality portable shop dust collection systems are a great value because they include HEPA filters and large particle filters that clean the air very well, they can easily be moved around, and they don’t need to be cleaned out all the time so you can focus on your work.

    What’s even better is that there are a variety of industrial strength large room dust collectors available that are affordable and work well for wood shop dust collection. Electrocorp and Amaircare offer a good selection of affordable commercial grade portable dust collectors with quality filters, lots of options and easy customization if needed. Best of all, at our online store we offer a great selection of dust collection systems for almost any application, with carbon filtration as well if fume removal is needed. Call our experts today and discuss what unit would be best for your shop at 1-800-701-2513! We’re here to help!

    Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com

    Comment by Rex — October 26, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

  2. Our police and firefighters are brave men and women who put their lives on the line to make sure the rest of us are safe. This is one of things that make police and firefighter memorabilia and novelties so collectible. Authentic German made police and firefighter beer stein mugs are decorative, collectible, make drinking beer more fun and show support for our brave police and fighters. Firefighter and police themed stoneware beer steins feature real pewter lids, elaborately carved handles and decorative hand painted stoneware reliefs. Authentic German made police and firefighter glass beer steins also have real pewter lids but feature etchings, metal plaques and colored emblems. Novelty glass and authentic German made stoneware firefighter and police beer steins look great on their own or part of collection. They also make great gifts for collectors, police and firefighters and their families.

    At my specialty beer mugs store I offer a variety of decorative German made glass and stoneware police and firefighter themed beer drinking steins. The glass and stoneware firefighter and police beer steins mugs I care are authentic German made beer drinking with real pewter lids and the best art. They are made by world famous German stein makers that take pride in their work and create beautiful works of art that look great and are fun. Our authentic German made decorative police and firefighter beer steins are shipped directly from the German manufactures to your front door. Browse our full line of police and firefighter beer steins and if you have any questions please let us know by phone or email. http://www.beersteinsandmugs.com/police-firefighter-beer-steins

    Comment by Dan — October 15, 2015 @ 4:46 pm

  3. Football season is starting, and many social and church activities that startup again when school is in session as we seem to get back on a schedule.

    There is nothing worse than trying to get ready for an event, loading the car and realizing you don’t really have the proper containers to keep your food or other project, such as craft supplies, from sliding in your vehicle.

    There is one purchase you can make that can solve that problem for you, and that’s a decorative handmade Amish wicker country kitchen basket. All of the wooden wicker Amish baskets are hand woven and can also add a bit of rustic or vintage charm to any place you want them.

    Our Amish baskets are all handmade here in Ohio and they will outlast any basket you will find at the craft stores or country store. Most of those baskets are mass produced and shipped in from overseas.

    If you would like to know more about our baskets or help picking one for a special project, please feel free to give us a call and we will help you in any way we can.


    Comment by Frances — September 5, 2015 @ 8:13 am

  4. Entertaining friends is one of our great pleasures. Even though stoneware beer steins are durable and suitable for use, they are very precious to us and therefore used very selectively with our friends. Glass beer steins are more user friendly and not quite as large. Decorated glass beer steins have long lasting decals and can be frosted, they come with a traditional pewter conical lid and many have a star pattern in the bottom.

    The subject matter of German made glass beer steins is wide ranging. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard all have their own glass beer stein. Football, baseball, golf, hockey, and soccer all have their own decals showing the action of its sport. And, then there is our international series of colorful glass beer steins. From Ireland to the USA the steins are decorated with country flags and some have a pewter decal. Collecting a set of decorated glass beer steins can be fun to serve and pleasing for your friends.

    At http://www.beersteinsandmugs.com/glass-beer-steins-mugs we work hard to find the best value. Using hand painted large stoneware steins or decorated glass beer steins can enhance your appreciation for ice cold beer. If you are looking for a particular beer stein, contact us maybe we can help.

    Comment by Dan — August 27, 2015 @ 12:02 pm

  5. German beer steins have been made since the middle ages. It was discovered that earthenware and stoneware from Cologne and nearby towns was very durable. The durability of this stoneware made it particularly suitable for drinking instruments and cups. German stein makers mark their steins on the bottom to avoid confusion with other makers in different parts of the world.

    German stein makers have used many different subjects for stein inspiration. They have used many major cities from around the world as well as Germany. Stein makers have made steins from animals in their natural habitat. Steins have been made from historical figures and from seasonal occasions. Some of the most cherished are manufacturer limited edition beer steins with anywhere from 100 to 10,000 steins available for worldwide demand.

    At Delray Specialty Gifts we try very hard to bring you a large selection of limited edition beer steins. Our website http://www.beersteinsandmugs.com/limited-edition-steins offers a wide selection of limited editions for you. Pricing is usually only 10-15% higher for a limited edition. So don’t be afraid of buying a unique stein

    Comment by Dan — August 6, 2015 @ 7:13 am

  6. From the first cave drawings, artists have commonly depicted images of things they see in their day to day lives. This same thing is true of decorative beer stein makers. Some of the earliest German stoneware and fine porcelain beer drinking steins featured decorative hand painted character reliefs of people such as police, firefighters, monks and military personal. This classic style remains popular today. Classic character beer steins are decorative, make drinking beer more enjoyable and are wonderful gift ideas. They make great starts or additions to any authentic German beer stein collection and also look great on their own.

    At my online specialty beer mugs and novelty collectible cups store I offer a great selection of authentic fine porcelain and other German made beer drinking character steins at the best online sales prices. The high quality stoneware German character beer steins I have for sale are hand painted and feature real pewter lids. Working directly with world famous German stein makers allows me to offer a huge selection and the best possible sales prices. Come take a look and enjoy browsing our classic, fun, funny and artistic German Character beer drinking steins. http://www.beersteinsandmugs.com/character-steins

    Comment by Dan — June 1, 2015 @ 2:09 pm

  7. Many tours to Europe include a stop to somewhere in Germany. Wherever it goes Beer Steins can be seen all over Germany. Seeing that beautiful piece of art starts the thought process: where can I display it in my home, would dad or grandpa want this colorful stein, how would I pack it in my suitcase to get it home safe. The questions are multiple, I offer a simple solution. Go enjoy your trip to Europe and upon your return shop at Beer Steins and Mugs.com. We offer over 300 authentic German beer steins. Choose from beer steins, beer horns, or beer mugs. Stoneware, porcelain or crystal they will be shipped insured to you or directly to your gift recipient.By buying direct from the factory we are offering comparable prices to what you would see throughout Germany. No worry about customs and no worry about taxes. We have been doing this for over ten years and customers tell us what an easy way to share their trip with family and friends.

    Comment by Dan — March 3, 2015 @ 1:26 pm

  8. Portable Room Humidifiers: A Smart Way to Protect Fine Antique Furniture

    All too often, dry air causes damage to surfaces in a home, especially for fine antique furniture. Dry outdoor conditions plus the drying effects of air conditioners can easily drop indoor humidity to a damaging 10% or less. And even if you’re regularly dusting and moisturizing with a good polish, at that humidity level, there’s a good chance cracks in the finish will still happen, seriously detracting from their appearance and value. A great way to keep that antique and other fine furniture looking great, prevent damage, and reduce furniture maintenance costs is to use a portable, filtered room humidifier to correct and quietly maintain the proper humidity.

    Portable room humidifiers can quickly and easily raise and help maintain the indoor humidity levels necessary to prevent cracked furniture and finishes. According to some top furniture manufacturers and woodworkers that we interviewed, wood furniture likes 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit indoor temperature and a relative humidity of 45-55%. This helps wood furniture maintain a normal roughly 9% water content, enough moisture so that finishes, and the wood in general, remain more flexible, less likely to crack. Using a portable humidifier is also good because if you move the furniture to another location, room, museum, etc, you can take that humidifier with you to make sure the humidity remains perfectly balanced.

    What type of humidifier you choose is important, as well as the water that goes in it. If you’re going to use an ultrasonic unit, be sure it has a demineralization cartridge to prevent white mineral spots on your furniture. Stadler Form is a great, top-rated humidifier brand for quality ultrasonic units with this type of cartridge, and work well for smaller spaces. Typically, however, your best choice for larger rooms and spaces is an evaporative wick humidifier that naturally leaves most minerals behind and they usually the quietest. Brune is a manufacturer of these types of large room humidifiers that also includes a demineralization process and UV light to make sure the water and moisture are clean and mineral-free. Portable large room humidifiers are often chosen for museums, antique shops, furniture stores, and large homes because they are quiet and they can accurately maintain perfect humidity in large or small spaces without having to buy or transport several humidifiers.

    Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers the best, top-rated portable electric humidifiers, with both filtered and filter-less units for almost any application, to include quality humidifier brands like Stadler Form and Brune. And since we are an online store with very low overhead, this allows us to provide you with the cheapest discount prices on the best humidifiers, with free shipping. We also have a team of indoor air humidification specialists on hand to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

    Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com

    Comment by Rex — January 26, 2015 @ 11:22 am

  9. German beer steins are a wonderful collectible to many people. Steins are offered in series, wildlife, characters, and anniversary occasions. The steins, many of which are hand painted, are true masterpieces of today’s craftsmen. Master sculptor Peter Duemler, from the late 1800’s, is being commemorated by the reissue of some of his famous steins in a very limited edition. It is not unusual for steins to be issued in limited editions ranging from 500 to 10,000 for worldwide demand. Just look for the hand written number on the bottom. Most collectors enjoy the artwork as well as the financial aspects of collecting. During the 1960’s and 1970’s steins were very good investments compared to other collectibles. In the 1980’s stein prices remained steady while other collectibles increased more rapidly. While it is difficult to predict the future for any collectible, on a long term basis steins may continue to be very excellent investments.

    Stein pricing and craftsmanship has a lot to do with the initial cost of a collectible Bavarian beer stein. Raised relief, hand painted, style of lid, subject matter, size of the stein all have an input into its collectability and future value. Not to mention the fluctuation of the dollar and the euro. Today there are only two major stein makers which produce 100% of their steins in Germany with 100% German materials and labor. Price trends for steins are becoming more difficult as more potteries in different parts of the world are making steins. Steins are now made in Brazil and China making German stein buying a difficult process.

    We only deal with Germany’s major stein manufacturers. There is no concern about where your stein is made. Therefore, our steins make excellent gifts or additions to your collection. Your collection should be what you like not what others proclaim to be the hot stein of the moment. We offer over 300 stoneware, crystal or glass steins for your collection. We ship in 1-2 days insured to your door. Buy with confidence, you’re buying an authentic German made beer stein.


    Comment by Dan — October 23, 2014 @ 1:12 pm

  10. African violets bring freshness to a room. Memories of past times seem to float each time I see violets. These beautiful blooming houseplants used to be found in our Grandma’s house. Their dainty, delicate blooms present with no expectations other that to provide color and warmth. Nothing is without risks when it comes to plants, but with just a little TLC, an African violet is a rewarding endeavor.

    African violets come in three types, the standard, miniature, and the trailer. There are perks with either depending on the space you have each can be a perfect fit. A well lit area whether from fluorescent or plant lights allows your violet to thrive. At our online store we can plan and provide an arrangement of flowering indoor African violets. that will brighten your home or your office. There are so many colors available and the options are endless. Whether you are interested in single plants or a unique arrangement, our online store can assist you. Please visit us at http://www.joesplantnook.com/colorful-indoor-african-violets

    Comment by Sharon, Joe, Rachael — September 15, 2014 @ 8:44 am

  11. Work with Antiques? Fume Extractors Can Help Prevent Health Hazards

    If you work in, or own an antique dealer or refinishing shop, you know that there are often a lot of fumes created when using stripping chemicals, varnishes, glues, sealants and other products. Airborne wood particles and other fibers are often created, too, and none of these pollutants should be inhaled. Even if you only store and sell antiques, they still release harmful chemical fumes as the wood and finishes are breaking down, and the wood often releases mold spores, and dust into the air, too. And unfortunately, many antique shop owners either have no air filtration system or have purchased a small unit that isn’t designed to remove those types of pollutants, so the air quality is still very poor. This poor air quality can lead to all sorts of allergy, respiratory, and other health problems, and can even drive away customers, which hurts your business.

    Preventing the health hazards (and other problems) caused by poor air quality in antique shops is pretty easy, however, with a quality fume extractor system in place. Top-rated workshop and woodshop air filtration systems are equipped to with powerful industrial-strength carbon filters that easily remove the fumes, gases, and vapors created when various refinishing and stripping chemicals are used. And many of these fume extractor units are also equipped with medical-grade HEPA filters that remove any dust, particles, or fibers that might be in the air, too. For refinishing shops, a fume & vapor collection system is absolutely a must, since inhaling the chemical fumes from varnishes and solvents has been proven to cause serious illnesses, and no one wants that for themselves, employees or customers. All you have to do to make sure the air is clean and safe to breathe in your shop is use a top-rated antique shop fume extractor system and you can prevent well over 99% of the hazards caused by airborne refinishing chemicals, mold, and dust. Ideally, it’s best to have a source capture vapor & gas filtration unit to remove fumes where they are being produced, and have a portable workshop air purifier removing any remaining fumes or dust. To be clear, ideally, we recommend combination fume extractor / dust collector units for best air filtration and work safety in antique storage, retail shops, and refinishing shops.

    Don’t be fooled by cheap air filtration or fume extractor units that claim to clean the air well, but don’t have the heavy carbon filters or HEPA filters mentioned above. If they don’t have those filters, don’t buy them. Your best bet is to choose a reputable company like Electrocorp, that is consistently rated #1 among antique dealers and refinishing workshop & woodshop owners. Electrocorp fume extractors consistently rate very high because of high performance and value. Some popular Electrocorp units for workshops & antique shops are the 6000 W and 8000 DX W fume extractors with anywhere from 28 to 48 pounds of super – activated carbon, medical grade HEPA filters and a strong output of 400 CFM to quickly remove any pollutants before anyone can breathe them. The RSU 24 CCH and 48 CCH fume extractor / dust collector is also very effective for removing pollutants and is commonly used to maintain high air quality without worry. The filters for these air cleaners last 3-5 years, too, which saves you money on replacement filters.

    Air Purifiers and Cleaners offers a great selection of the best industrial fume extractors, combination fume & gas collection units / dust collection units that easily remove the chemicals, vapors, and any particles created in antique shops, storage areas, and refinishing shops. And since we are an online store with extremely low overhead, we are able to offer these fume extractor systems to you at the very best, discount prices, with free shipping every day. And you always get our world-class customer service, before and after the sale. If you have any questions about which air filtration unit or system is best for your shop, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 for a free evaluation. We’re here to help!

    Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com

    Comment by Rex — November 2, 2013 @ 6:47 pm

  12. Dust Collectors: Even More Important for Home Workshops Than Industrial Shops?

    What??! Dust collection systems more important for home workshops than industrial shops? Actually, yes. With remote industrial workshops or shops away from home, at least you can get away from the source of the dust, not have airborne dust particles follow you home.

    With home workshops, however, the toxic fine dust from grinders, sanders, saws or other machines is right there in your garage or basement, which is attached to the place where you eat and sleep every day, making contamination of your home very easy. And without a proper home workshop dust collection system in place, it’s almost certain that those particles will make their way into your home—and into your lungs, and your family’s lungs. If you don’t have a dust collector running, your family’s safety is literally at risk every time you open the door from your home workshop to the main area of your home.

    And whether you work with metal, drywall, ceramic, plastics, wood, if you’re shaping, grinding, sanding, or cutting these materials at all, you’re creating the harmful dust particles. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though you might vacuum up the shavings or fragments with a shop vacuum, or even have an extractor of some sort that removes the large particles, it’s still not enough unless you have dust filtration system has a HEPA filter to remove the tiny, more dangerous dust particles. The tiny, toxic fine dust particles are the ones that get into the lungs and respiratory tract and cause all sorts of health problems. And all of that is preventable, simply by installing the proper HEPA dust collection system. That way you can enjoy the wood working, carving, ceramics or whatever your hobby is.

    If your hobby produces a lot of dust and you run a business out of your home workshop or woodshop, your best bet might be to purchase a portable dust collector that you can move around to whatever area needs dust removal. Or better yet, a cyclonic dust & fine particle collector, which includes large particle filtration, HEPA filtration for the smaller particles, and often a carbon filter for chemical fumes and solvent or sealant residues. Yes, cyclone dust collectors usually cost more, but you can usually remove over 99% of all pollutants with them, instead of buying a separate unit to remove fumes.

    Whatever you do, if you have a home workshop and you make any kind of dust, get the proper dust collection system and safeguard your health—and your family’s health! And if you work both in your home workshop and other work sites, you might purchase a portable dust collector you can have proper dust filtration wherever you work.

    Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your #1 online store for portable dust collectors & extractors, cyclonic dust collection systems, and filters, for home and industrial workshops. And since we are an online store, we have far less overhead than traditional stores, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every single day!

    If you have any questions about dust collectors, industrial air filtration, air quality testing, or anything air filtration related, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!

    Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com

    Comment by Rex — July 30, 2013 @ 8:14 pm

  13. There has been a flood of Superhero movies over the past couple of years. Many of the most popular ones have been based on characters from Marvel Comics. The reason for that is that the interesting variety and diversity of Marvel’s Superheroes and other characters make it easy for folks to find one’s that they relate to. Of course, waiting for your favorite superhero’s next movie to come out can take a while, sometimes two years or more.
    A great way to keep up with your favorite Marvel Superhero is by reading Marvel Comics. All of Marvel’s most popular characters not only have their own comic book, but appear in one or more superhero “team” books as well. Many of Marvel’s ongoing series come out twice a month as well. This means that you can find out what your favorite superhero is up to on a weekly basis.
    At White Dragon Comics we are dedicated to bring you the best that Marvel Comics has to offer, week by week. We have an extensive backlist, as well as all of the current Marvel NOW titles. We offer prompt service and low shipping rates. Visit us at http://www.superherocomicbooks.com

    Comment by Jacob — November 22, 2012 @ 12:15 pm


    If your into RC Hobbies then you know how much of a headache it can be running out of battery life during a day at your local Remote Control Car and Truck track or just out flying your Model Airplane at the field. This can easily be taken care of with a MEGATECH 12V 10 MINUTE QUICK CHARGER. When looking for a new Quick Charger for your rechargeable Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh battery packs, you want to consider two things. How long it will take to charge and how convenient it is. Featuring a 12 volt car charger, you no longer have to worry about carrying a bunch of extra batteries with you just to enjoy your RC Electric Planes, Helicopters, and Cars. At YourRCCars4You.com we sell everything Radio Controlled Hobby related including RC Parts and Accessories. You will experience superior customer service and due to the fact that we are an Online Store, we are able to keep our prices very low. Stop by today and experience some of the best prices on the web for Remote Control Vehicles, and more…

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  15. Ready To Step Up To Advanced Electric RC Helicopters?
    Radio Controlled Helicopters can be very difficult to learn how to fly on. There is many different levels of RC Helicopters to choose from starting with 2 channel beginner helis to professional level Nitro powered helicopters.
    If you feel your ready to move up to a more advanced level Heli but still aren’t ready to move to Nitro power yet, then the Align T-REX 450 Pro Super Combo is the right choice for you. The main rotor diameter is 710mm! Get ready to have some fun and not have to worry about breaking delicate parts. This helicopter is equipped with a newly designed head block for more rigidity and stability as well as a single piece integration design of main bearing block and servo mount. Check it out today on http://www.yourrccars4you.com as well as our other great priced products.
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  16. RC Motorcycle Fun!
    If your looking for an awesome deal on an electric RC Motorcycle, then check out the Venom GPV-1 Pro Kit. Featuring a Carbon Fiber Race Chassis Kit, Alloy Forks with Preload Adjustment and also Front Disk Brake Kit. There’s even an adjustment that allows you to control the jacking and squatting of the chassis to control how the power is put to the track. This RC Motorcycle will supply hours of endless fun and at a very affordable price.
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  17. Get Into The World Of RC Hydroplane Boat Racing!
    Let’s be honest, seeing a hydroplane boat gliding across the top of the water as it zips by at lightning fast speeds is pretty cool. Now you can enjoy your own sort of Hyrdo fun with the Venom Miss Excite Hydro 24” Brushless Boat ! The Venom Miss Excite racing Hydroplane has many high performance features, including a scale flat bottom fiberglass composite pickel-fork hull with a Venom 60A Pro Marine brushless speed control and Venom V500 2000KV Marine Brushless Outrunner motor. You’ll be surprised at the speed and power along with the tight handling that this Radio Controlled Boat has.
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  18. Play Guitar or Another Instrument for a Hobby? Want to Turn that Hobby into Cash?

    These days the economy is still a little tight, and lots of people are looking for ways to supplement their income—if for nothing else to help with the increased cost of gas!

    I bet you didn’t know how easy it is to turn a little musical skill into solid, fun, weekly income!

    It’s true! And there is a trend happening now where people / businesses who hire live entertainment are starting to lean toward the ‘acoustic player’, instead of bands, DJ’s, etc.

    Why? Well, it’s generally cheaper for the ‘employer’ and it’s easier to manage. A typical band or DJ is going to cost them $400-$1000 per night; a good acoustic act only costs them $100-300 on average. And acoustic entertainment is usually well-received by customers! There’s a lot less equipment, setup time, it’s not as loud, lots of things that are positive for the employer.

    So how do you get your share? If you play guitar or another instrument and sing, you can do solo acoustic shows by yourself and keep all the money, tips, etc! If you only play an instrument or just sing, you can pretty easily find the other person who sings or plays an instrument—all you need is one person to sing and one to play an instrument.

    Then you find the restaurants, bars, wedding planners, etc’ that are looking for this entertainment, book the shows, play anywhere from 2-4 hours and make $25 to $50 or more per hour! I’ve been doing this for years and I can tell you—it works, and it’s FUN!

    Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well, it can be, if you know a few tricks of the trade. That’s why I wrote an e-book ’instruction manual’ to help take you from strumming in your living room, or singing in the shower, to playing live, paying gigs in just a few weeks! I literally did that myself in about 4 weeks and never looked back! If you’re already doing this kind of thing, I bet there are some tips in this e-book that will boost your income way up, tips I learned along the way that REALLY helped me!

    You can do this, too and have some fun!


    Comment by Rex — February 7, 2012 @ 4:49 pm

  19. Playing with RC Vehicles – The best way to relax

    Though we drive real cars we are unable to do what we do with RC Radio Remote Control Trucks on the road. This is why most of us love driving remote controlled cars whenever the opportunity is available. However, everyone is not equally enthusiastic on joining in the fun. When you find one really interested in the hobby, sky is the limit to enjoyment.

    You could go to the local park with your speediest RC scale model car and give your friend a tough competition. You could even afford to run at uncontrollable speed and meet with an accident. These new model cars are so strongly built that they don’t get damaged easily.

    It is a hobby that will relax your mind and will take you to your childhood. Your problems with blood pressure, Cholesterol and tension will all go with the wind. Enjoy running a scaled model of a remote controlled vehicle and feel the difference. You will feel relaxed.

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  20. How to Buy the Best Radio Controlled Helicopter

    When you try to find the best helicopter to buy, the first thing to consider is for whom you are buying it. If you are buying it as a gift for a kid, the best is to buy one that is ready to fly off the box. The kid cannot wait until you assemble a large RC helicopter.

    In case you are a hobbyist who enjoys flying Radio Remote Controlled RC helicopters, the best is to buy a collapsed version and assemble it. You have the option to personalize it also. Nothing is more satisfying than a personalized radio controlled helicopter.

    Most people prefer the single rotor large RC helicopters. They are not easy to learn but with a little effort you could manage one easily. The best way to choose your RC helicopter out of the many available is to go to an online shop and examine the ones that are available. You have a good choice there.

    Your RC Cars 4 You gives you the top brands of radio remote control vehicles at cheap discounted prices, and Free shipping. If you are looking for one of the best selection of nitro, gas, and electric radio controlled Vehicles on the web you have come to the right place.

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    Comment by Frank — September 25, 2011 @ 6:25 am

  21. Remote Control Vehicles – Toys that Improve your Reflexes and Skills

    Remote Controlled Vehicles & toys have improved by leaps and bounds during the last few years. Being able to buy them online has been responsible for their widespread use. You get the fast remote cars and the comparatively large RC planes to show your skills in maneuverability. You must not forget RC helicopters also.

    Not only for kids but also for grownups they provide thrilling entertainment. This new generation of toys comes with lots of abilities to maneuver in different ways. Also they represent the real things if you buy the scaled models.

    Though they are a bit expensive the scaled models are beautiful toys. When it comes to cars you have a good choice of scale models. While you drive the real car, you could buy a scaled model of the same with the remote control ability for your son. Since a car is a son’s delight, he will love to have the scale model of your car.

    Your RC Cars 4 You gives you the top brands of trucks at cheap discounted prices, and discounted shipping. If you are looking for one of the best selection of nitro, gas, and electric radio controlled Vehicles on the web you have come to the right place.

    For information on all our Products Visit us at http://www.yourrccars4you.com
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    Comment by Frank — September 17, 2011 @ 7:49 am

  22. Radio Controlled toys more commonly known as RC toys.

    The main categories are, boats, trucks, cars and airplanes. They all make for a very entertaining pastime. It is very enjoying to seeing my RC vehicles on the move knowing I am in complete control.

    You can chose to belong to a group to either race your RC vehicles or just enjoy watching them run over the water, land or air at great speeds. Most are of the electric brushless motors. These brushless electric motors can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

    There are many different models to check out. Some of these models are less expensive then others. Some models you can build from a builders kit what a thrill it is to build your own model. Something to be proud of. I also enjoyed when I bought a RTR (ready to run). This style of RC model is recommended for beginners. Just charge the power source and you’re ready to go.

    Almost anyone can afford a beginner RC model. Just the thrill you get as you launch you first model will last you forever in this hobby. Other side of the coin there are some models that are expensive. Costing into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There are all sorts of models, some are electric, gas, or nitro fuel.

    If you are looking for almost unlimited speed then you should purchase a gasoline RC Vehicle. Remember to keep plenty of fuel on hand, you will run out of gas often. With The electric motors you only need to have charged up batteries to exchange when your battery is exhausted be sure to keep an extra battery.

    Your RC Cars 4 You gives you the top brands at cheap discounted prices, and Free shipping. If you are looking for one of the best selection of nitro, gas, and electric radio controlled vehicles on the web you have come to the right place.

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  23. Start Your Engines

    Would you like to liven up your family’s weekend, here is an idea how about taking your rc monster truck for a spin.

    Fulfill your off road needs for speed, one of the best models out there is the redcat Nitro Racing Car Aftershock 3.5 this 1/8 scale has a nitro fueled .21 SH big block engine with massive acceleration, and has oil filled big bore shocks for the bumps in the road.

    By the way if you have an older model rc truck and would like to replace it with a new state of the art Aftershock 3.5 nitro monster truck then check out are cheap pricing with free shipping included. We also offer a wide selection of other brands, makes and models and don’t worry about the occasional crashes we have all the repair parts.

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    Comment by Frank — July 11, 2011 @ 4:23 pm

  24. RC Hobbies are fun and exciting, weather you are young or a bit weathered. The thrill of a monster truck going full out and you are in control. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gas, nitro, or electric if it’s radio controlled you are in the driver’s seat and racing.
    RC truckscome in many scales from small to large monster, 2 wheel drive, 4X4, dirt track racers to slow rock climbing trucks. There are many different brands to pick from. You will increase chances of being competitive if when you chose your remote controlled vehicle you first decide what type of racingto enjoy.
    Your RC Cars 4 You gives you the top brands of trucks at cheap discounted prices, and discounted shipping. If you are looking for one of the best selection of nitro, gas, and electric radio controlled monster trucks on the web you have come to the right place.
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    Comment by Frank — July 9, 2011 @ 10:02 am

  25. Year long fun & Remote Control Trucks

    Enjoy your radio control hobby any time of the year with your collection of remote control trucksThe variety of RC trucks is great because there’s a design ready for use no matter what the weather.

    Winter and Spring means waterproof sealed trucks that withstand the rain, and you’re ready to go puddle jumping on the road. Make it fun with a mud pit, or build a mud mountain and test out your monster trucks ability to roar through it without getting stuck. in slippery conditions.

    Summer and fall months, are great you need no special preparations for vehicle protection just have fun. Build a track, both strip and oval, to speed your remote control racing trucks against each other in competition races and drags. Make a sand dunes for your dune buggy to go hill climbing, and put sum sand and dust into the air.

    Snow is great you cat create a winter wonderland of obstacle courses for those monster trucks, race trucks, and buggies? You can pack the snow into hills for climbing and jumping, or loosely into a snow wall to crash through, and you have some quality time with the kids.

    It make’s no difference where you live, or time of year you’re experiencing. You can create opportunities to share precious time, with your kids, and your grandkids.

    For Best Selection and Prices Shop Now!

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    Comment by Frank — July 3, 2011 @ 5:06 pm

  26. I’m sure you would agree that the thing which most enhances the value of a collectible is rarity. We all know the law of supply and demand; the less there is of something, the more it is worth.
    Of course, finding rare collectibles is difficult by definition, so when opportunity is knocking, you shouldn’t hesitate to answer, especially if a bargain is part of the deal. Those are two terms you do not hear together often: “rare collectible” and “bargain.”
    A good example of a rare collectible is Action Comics #1, which first came out in 1930. These comic books are so rare, that they have sold for prices between 10 and 30 thousand dollars. You could have bought one brand new for around 10 cents, because when they were new they were not rare.
    Today, some collectibles like comic books have the rarity built in. Using variant covers, publishers can produce different editions of a book at the same time, reducing their production costs. By printing certain covers in ratios of 1-in-5, 1-in-10, 1-in-25, etc., this makes some editions more rare than the others are, and increases their collectability. That is what Dynamite Entertainment has done with their new comic book, Kirby: Genesis #1; It has six different covers in various ratios, meaning some will be more valuable than others will.
    This is where the “bargain” part comes in. White Dragon Comics has a limited supply of these variant covers, and we are offering them all at the low price of $3.99. Don’t miss your chance to own a “rare collectible.”
    http://www.superherocomicbooks.com “Your neighborhood Comics Shop, on your Desktop”

    Comment by Jacob — June 20, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

  27. Remote Control Helicopters

    When choosing a RC Helicopters you must decide on many things such as fuel type Nito, Gas or Electric and then Size Large, Mini or Micro. These next few sentences may help. there are 4 parts so stay tuned.

    part 1

    Gas - Is like almost flying a real, Mated with a gas powered engine, this RC Helicopters is the most advanced model to buy. It is not cheap with engine and more complicated moving parts, they are for the more advanced rc pilot.

    part 2

    Electric - Electric versions are less expensive but are more affordable. This makes them a more popular choice than any type of RC Helicopters on the market. They are much easier to fly. It makes no noise which I miss, and no smell like the gas type. It’s rechargeable battery is suitable for beginners.

    For Best Selection and Prices Shop Now!
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    Comment by Frank — June 17, 2011 @ 2:14 pm

  28. Remote Control Helicopters

    When choosing a RC Helicopters you must decide on many things such as fuel type Nito, Gas or Electricand then Size Large, Mini or Micro. These next few sentences may help. there are 4 parts so stay tuned.

    part 1
    Gas - Is like almost flying a real, Mated with a gas powered engine, this RC Helicoptersis the most advanced model to buy. It is not cheap with engine and more complicated moving parts, they are for the more advanced rc pilot.

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    Comment by Frank — June 16, 2011 @ 6:17 am

  29. Have you noticed how many Super Hero movies are coming out lately? They seem to be the trend these days. Some familiar, some not so much. We all know Superman’s story, Batman’s too; But what about some of these other ones? How much do you know about Thor or Green Lantern?
    There is a way to get up to speed with the Super Hero craze. Its comic books.
    “But”, you may ask, “how do I get into a story that’s already up to issue #266 or something like that?”
    Here is the Answer! Starting in September, DC Comics is re-launching their entire Super Hero Universe, starting with Justice League #1 on August 31, and followed closely by fifty-one more #1’s, covering all the Stars of the DCU. So, if you ever thought about Checking out The Flash, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern, now is your chance. Exciting times are ahead! Don’t miss out!
    You’ll be able to find all of these new books and lots more at White Dragon Comics. We have low prices and great shipping rates. http://www.superherocomicbooks.com

    Comment by Jacob — June 3, 2011 @ 12:11 am

  30. Memorial Day is just a few days away.
    Here at White Dragon Comics, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about super heroes, but we never forget the sacrifices made by the real-life heroes who defend our way of life, protect us from criminals and rescue us from disasters. That is why, alongside our other comic books, you will also find books like ‘NAM and the various CALL OF DUTY series. These books chronicle the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of these real-life heroes, like soldiers, police, and firefighters. We think they are “Super”, too.
    You can check out all our heroes at http://www.superherocomicbooks.com. We have great prices and low shipping rates.

    Comment by Jacob — May 26, 2011 @ 3:11 pm

  31. Remote Control Trucks: Many Options When Looking

    There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy your stay out doors together with your family and if you really like to experience a thrill, there are RC Trucks you can chose that really fit the bill.How will you look for the best kind of RC trucks? There are so many options for you to choose from. Actually, the RC trucks are available in vast collections of styles and manufacturers who are making these cool trucks for adults and children. If you want to provide yourself the latest edition of the RC trucks.

    Shop online if you want convenience when looking for the best line of remote control trucks in town. What are the benefits you might get if you purchase online? Well, you don’t have to leave the convenience of your home and you just sit down, relax and feel free to click and browse online. All information you need when purchasing is offered and all you have to do is just pick and chose and then click to complete your order.

    Or you can try the second alternative and that is to shop at local RC Hobby Stores or collector shops near you. There are an abundant online dealers you might find, there are not a lot of local hobby shop dealers for the remote control trucks. You have to to take your time to shop around.. Know what you are looking for and be specific when it comes to brands.

    You can also ask friends for referrals who may know someone selling remote control trucks at good prices. After you make your choice go have Fun.

    At your rc cars 4 you we offer the best selection from all the major manufacturers at the best price possible with prompt shipping of your order most go out the same day, And when you call you get to talk to the owner that will assist you.

    Shop Now!

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    Comment by Frank — May 23, 2011 @ 8:17 am

  32. Choosing Remote Control Boats, Airplanes, Cars and Trucks

    Do you want a Play? Do you want Race? Do you want to Just have Fun with friends and family? or Do you want it all? These are the Questions you will have to answer the next few lines of info should help.

    Remote control boats, airplanes, cars and trucks
    are some of the most popular items of interest for hobbyists and kids alike. Today, RC vehicles are more than just toys. Serious enthusiasts spend a significant amount of money buying and accessorizing. Hobby shops and online retailers are experiencing a tremendous increase in sales as a result of the growing popularity of RC vehicles. If you are planning to enter this fun and exciting form of recreation, you need to learn how to choose the right remote controlled vehicle.

    First, you need to know the size or scale of the remote control boats, airplanes, cars and trucks that you want. Scale actually represents the size or proportion of the RC vehicles
    RC vehicle in relation to real life boat, airplanes, cars, or trucks. For instance a 1:24 scale model of an RC fighter plane would mean that it is 24 times smaller than the actual plane.. The size or scale of your RC vehicle is important because it can affect fuel consumption or battery life.

    You need to determine the type of fuel or power source for your remote control boats, airplanes, cars and trucks. Many RC vehicles enthusiasts or hobbyists typically go for models that run on rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries. This type of batteries can supply anywhere from 4.8 to 9.6 volts of electrical power. Then, there are RC vehicles that use Nitro or Gas much like their real life counterparts.

    Lastly, remote control boats, airplanes, cars and trucks run on different types of engines. There are RC vehicles that are powered by electrical engines, while there are those that use motors that consume Nitro or Gas fuel. Remember it is your choice the remote control models that are powered by nitro, gas or electric engines. Your choice of engine that your RC model uses can directly affect its speed and overall power.

    at your rc cars 4 you we offer the best selection from all the major manufacturers at the best price possible with prompt shipping of your order most go out the same day, And when you call you get to talk to the owner that will assist you.

    so shop now.

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    Comment by Frank — May 22, 2011 @ 9:14 am

  33. Could Not Just Be Another Hobby

    There are many types of radio-controlled aircrafts. It really depends on what type of experience you have as well as what you want to do. Some are more complicated then others. You just need to know your skill level.

    Some different types of RC Airplanes are jets. Jets tend to be very expensive and commonly use a micro turbine or ducted fan. There are gliders as well. Glider planes do not typically have any type of propulsion, as a general rule. Another is called a pylon racer. These types are smaller and propeller driven. The kits are fairly inexpensive. Those are just a few to choose from.
    at your rc cars 4 you we offer the best selection from all the major manufacturers at the best price possible with prompt shipping of your order most go out the same day, And when you call you get to talk to the owner that will assist you.

    so shop now.

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  34. Monsoon XTR 1/8 Scale Nitro Truggy

    The Monsoon XTR 1/8 Scale Nitro Truggy takes full advantage of its competition with an aggressive super-wide stance, powerful .28 SH P3 engine, aluminum oil filled shocks, tuned exhaust and pivot ball suspension (PBS). The Monsoon XTR will outperform most other 1/8 Truggies with ease, making this nitro vehicle a beast to be reckoned with both on and off the track!
    Motor Type Nitro 4.57cc .28 SH
    Transmission Single Speed
    Drive System 4 Wheel Drive
    Length 550mm
    Width 440mm
    Height 190mm
    Dry Weight

    Wheelbase 370mm (F/R)
    Ground Clearance 42mm
    Fuel Tank Capacity 125cc
    Chassis Type Aluminum 6061 / T6
    Brake Type Composite Disc
    Shocks Aluminum Body Oil Filled
    Speed Control


    Radio System Redcat DSM-2C 2.4GHz Remote & Receiver

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    Comment by Frank — April 20, 2011 @ 8:11 am

  35. Endless entertainment with RC Trucks

    Earthquake 8E

    RC Trucks provide the perfect platform for virtually endless hours of fun and entertainment, that too in a manner which was not witnessed in the past. For instance, even if we take the broad pastime of operating RC Trucks as a whole, we find that there is immense variety within it. Are you looking to go Fast, are you looking to go off road on regular terrain or are you looking to go rock climbing, which one are you. After all, you could easily be zooming away on Electric or nitro powered RC Trucks.

    If that isn’t enough, you could get the pulse racing and the adrenaline rushing at death-defying speeds on any of the various super fast racing models from Redcat Racing. when it comes to RC Trucks, there is so much variety that not only is there something for virtually everyone, there is also never a single moment of boredom or monotony, once you have a suitable RC Truck in possession.
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    Comment by Frank — April 4, 2011 @ 4:47 am

  36. Create Shadow Boxes:

    Moving into a new house can sometimes cause a quandary. You can stand and stare at large… blank spaces for weeks wondering just what to do with them. These blank spaces are the walls of your new house or apartment.
    Most people have a hard time figuring out what to do with their walls, because their thoughts are limited to just paint and pictures. There’s actually quite a bit more you can do to decorate your walls though, and here is one of my favorite tips:

    Create shadow boxes! They are especially nice to do as remembrances of loved ones who are no longer with us; If you want to create a shadow box for grandparents for instance, but you don’t have anything handed down from them that could easily be used in this decoration, try visiting around to yard sales and flea markets. Find items that fit the timeframe of your grandparent’s lives, or that remind you of them fondly. Use these items in your shadow boxes, then display them in a nice area of your home to symbolize both the love you had for them, and the legacy they left behind.

    Come visit us at Amish Furniture Crafts and see the quality Amish handmade shadow boxes we have to offer.


    Comment by Glenn — May 5, 2010 @ 8:30 am

  37. Cedar chests are very popular family heirlooms. They not only are beautiful and smell wonderful, but they are a protective holder for many of the family’s fine linens and other keepsakes, as the bugs that would eat them will stay away.

    For the most part, cedar chests are pretty easy to clean. If you give them a periodic dusting, they will keep looking almost as good as new. This may be part of the reason they are so popular as an heirloom piece, they are relatively easy to maintain. Now, if you are too lazy to dust, you are going to notice that the dust buildup will couple with the waxy surface of your cedar chests and can cause a mess. Thus the reason it’s easier to just dust, than have to fix the problem later.


    Comment by Glenn — December 10, 2009 @ 8:20 am

  38. No wants a cluttered home full of wasted space. With a cedar chest you will have a beautiful, practical piece of furniture as well as much needed storage space. Because who doesn’t want more of that? And what’s even better is that you can put your chest anywhere. Put it in the bedroom, the living room, the hall or anywhere in between. Use it to store toys or books. Maybe you have a collection of something you want to store away and only get out on special occasions. Keep it in a storage chest and it is there when you need it.

    Come visit us and check out our large selection of Amish handcrafted Cedar & Blanket Chest, made here in the U.S.A. out of solid wood.


    Comment by Glenn — October 27, 2009 @ 10:05 am

  39. Good morning from LaGrange, In and a thought just crossed my mind you ought to check out our Amish handcrafted Wind Chimes Outdoor Decor Series and see why they sound great. All Wind Chimes have a pleasing sound as they catch the wind. Some are more melodic than others though. Making great sounding wind chimes is an art and a science.

    The best sounding Wind Chimes are tuned. Tuned Wind Chimes are usually made from bamboo, wood, or Aluminum Alloy Tubes. These wind chimes aren’t just breeze catching accessories: they are finely crafted percussion instruments.

    Each rod is crafted to produce a specific note. The craftsman making the Windchimes chooses a particular material. He determines whether the rods will be hollow or solid and how thick they will be. Then he cuts the rods to precisely calculated lengths. After the rods are cut, the craftsman assembles the wind chime. Each rod is placed in precise relationship to the other rods. He usually adds a clapper that strikes the rods when the wind plays the chime. Creating the sound for the particular chimes the craftsman is creating.

    Finally, he fine tunes the Chimes by adjusting the placement of the rods and clapper until they produce perfect notes. It takes perfect pitch to create a great sounding Wind Chime.


    Comment by Glenn — August 27, 2008 @ 5:59 am

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