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May 9, 2013

Keep Your Baby Cool, Comfortable and Safe this Summer

As a parent of a baby or newborn infant your primary job is to keep your baby comfortable and safe. With warmer weather here and summer on the way it is important to be ready. Overheating a baby is much more common than you may think. Babies are extremely susceptible to heat stroke and thermal stress especially when your baby is not used to warmer weather.   (So at the start of summer) According to Dr. Warren Guntheroth, with the department of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine, in Seattle. “It’s our feeling that this is one of the most important features of prevention aside from the ‘Back to Sleep’ program. We reviewed all of the studies done outside of the United States and found the link between thermal stress and SIDS documented around the world,” said Guntheroth.

The SIDS Alliance already advises parents and caregivers to be careful to not overheat a baby. Overheating due to too much clothing, too heavy bedding and too warm a room may increase the risk of SIDS according to the group. The most common reason cause of heat stroke or thermal stress in babies is they are over dressed. For whatever reason it is in our nature to want to keep our babies bundled up and warm. However, we are learning we need to be very careful with this. As it starts getting warmer and warmer it is important that those winter time long sleeved shirts and pants are not being worn. Outfitting your baby with light weight t-shirts, shorts, and pajamas is the best way to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable this summer, and is why it is so important that you start buying summer time safe clothing now so you are ready for the hot weather.

We recently added http://www.littleonesclothes.com to our online shopping directory at Easy Place to Shop. They offer a great selection of cute and comfortable lightweight t shirts, pajamas, rompers and outfits for baby boys and girls. All of their baby clothes are machine washable and priced fairly. Regardless of the types of summer time clothes your baby girl or boy needs they make it easy and affordable for to find the perfect summer time safe clothing for them. You can find them in the Children’s, Children’s Clothes and Baby and Toddler Clothing sections of our online shopping mall. You can also check out the Children’s Products section of our shopping blog to learn more about this site and their summer time baby clothing.

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