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July 10, 2013

Enjoy Your Favorite Outdoor Activities with Peace of Mind

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Summer is here, and so are your favorite outdoor recreations like camping, hiking, fishing, boating, floating the river and other fun activities. Whether on the water or in the mountains it is important to be safe. Regardless of how experienced you are accidents can happen. Bad weather can move it, you can get lost, hurt or have other emergency situations spring up. Every year you here about the experienced hiker or boater getting lost or hurt, and while we all think that will not happen to us this is naive and somewhat arrogant thought. Things outside of your control can and will at times happen. Even if nothing ever does happen it is good for you and your family to have peace of mind knowing you are prepared and have the best chance to survive in case something does.

Having emergency supplies such flashlights, blankets, food, water, and first aid supplies are must. However, no matter how many emergency supplies you have at some point they will run out. If you are lost or hurt having survival supplies is not enough. You have to be able to be found. Emergency locators are an essential addition to any disaster preparedness kit. When in a survival situation simply activate the emergency locator beacon and a disaster response team will know your exact location and be sent to rescue you.

COSPAS and SARSAT are the two agencies that monitor the distress signals transmitted by emergency GPS satellite beacons. They monitor 24 hours a day 7 days per week. No matter where you in the world you are, or how remote your location is your emergency locator beacon will provide your exact geographical location and you will be rescued.  Personal emergency locator beacons are small, lightweight and easy to carry. There are also locator beacons made for boats and airplanes. So now matter what you like to do there is an emergency locator perfect for you.

We recently added http://www.survivalaviation.com to our online shopping directory at easy place to shop. They offer a great selection of survival disaster preparedness supplies including emergency GPS/Satellite locator beacons. They make it easy and affordable for you to be prepared, survive and be found in case of a disaster or survival situation. You can find them in the Sports and Recreation, Outdoor Sports and Recreation and Emergency Locator Beacons categories of our online shopping mall. To learn more about this site, their disaster preparedness supplies and emergency locators check out the sporting goods section of our shopping blog.

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