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June 9, 2014

Beer Drinking Made Even More Fun

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Drinking beer and wine is usually a fun festive occasion with friends and family. If you are a true beer enthusiast you probably put thought into type of beer is best for the occasion. However, if you are like most people you probably do not put too much thought into the type of cup you use. Drinking beer and wine from glasses and cups made specifically for the type of beer or wine you are drinking brings out all the flavors and aromas of the drink.  There is also the psychology. Drinking beer from cup made specifically for drinking beer is more festive and fun then drinking from a boring glasses, can or bottle.

German beer steins were originally made from stoneware pewter but are now also commonly made from glass, crystal and porcelain. Originally the lids of beer steins were used to keep bugs and other things from falling into the beer. The lids have a thumb lever, so you can grab the mug open and close the lid with a single hand while drinking.  I don’t know about you but when I close my eyes and imagine drinking beer back in the day I picture a huge table full of men laughing, talking loudly and having fun with German beer steins in their hands. Drinking beer from an authentic beer stein makes any occasion more memorable and fun. Beer steins besides being fun and making all different types of beer taste better are also very decorative and collectible. Whether you are beer drinking or not German beer steins make great pieces of collectible decor and gifts.

We recently added http://www.beersteinsandmugs.com to our online shopping directory at Easy Place to Shop. They offer a huge selection of authentic German beer steins in a variety of materials and styles. They also a variety of German beer mugs, boots, horns, wheat beer cups, wine glasses and collectible sports team glassware. All of their steins, glasses, mugs and cups are made in Germany and of the highest quality. Their traditional German beer boots and horns like the steins besides being great for drink beer and tons of fun also make wonderful collectibles and gifts. You can find them in the Antiques, Hobbies and Collectibles section of our Internet Shopping Mall. Also make sure to check out the Gifts and Collectibles sections of our shopping blog to learn more about this site, their authentic German beer steins and other beer and wine glasses.

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