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April 14, 2014

Be Warm and Comfortable Sleeping and after Bathing

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When going to bed or hopping out of the bath or shower we want to be warm and comfortable. Your bed linens and towels are the two things that go directly against the skin. Because of this your towels and cotton sheets are two of the largest determining factors of your warmth and comfort. Bath towels and sheets after a few years start to get thin, scratchy and uncomfortable. We all know the prickly, itchy feeling of cheap old towels and bed sheets. Buying new bed linens and thick plush bath towels is an inexpensive way to get a better night sleep and be much more warm and comfortable after getting out the bath or shower.

When purchasing cotton linens it is important to remember they are going to be used and washed a lot and come into direct contact with the skin. Cheap bed sheets and bath towels are cheap for reason. They are made from low quality cotton and have low thread counts. Low thread count sheets are stiff, uncomfortable and itchy. Also because they use less fabric are not nearly as durable as high thread count sheets. This causes them become thin and worn after just a few washes. While cheap bath towels are never very thick and comfortable to begin with and get even thinner every time they are washed. Not only are they less comfortable, but they also do not do as a good job of drying you off, because there is less fabric to absorb the moisture from your body. Spending a bit more upfront on quality high thread bed sheets and plush bath towels will not ensure your warmth and comfort, but will also save you money in the long run over cheap cotton lines not have to replace them.

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