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May 1, 2014

Easy Place to Shop’s Shopping Blog

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Online Shopping is meant to save both time and money. While using Search Engines and other Internet Shopping Directories it is impossible to get any real information about a site, its products or prices without spending the time of going through it. Going through even just four or five different shopping sites is going to take more time then it would take to just drive over to the mall. This is the reason why you find yourself shopping online at the same big name websites over and over again, missing out on a lot of great deals, discounts and unique products that smaller stores on the Internet have to offer.

Here, website owners that are members of Easy Place to Shop.com are able to write and post articles that include information about their sites, products, prices and other usesful information. Links are included at the bottom of each article to take you directly to the shopping sites that interest you. Articles are posted to easy to navigate product and service based categories located at the top right hand side of this page. By providing you with more information about websites, and making that information fast and easy for you to get will save you time going to site’s that do not offer what you are looking for and help you find discount deals and unique products that you otherwise would not.

All of the sites in Easy Place to Shop are user friendly, and offer 100% secure check outs. Unlike search engines and other directories website owners are not able to just simply submit to us, and automatically be included in our Shopping Directory or Blog.  All of the sites in Easy Place to Shop.com was either hand selected and contacted by us or was carefully reviewed and approved based on that Online Shop’s quality and reputation. Make sure to bookmark us and check back often for new sites and great deals. If you are savy Internet user and have a personal home page such as iGoogle each category has its own feed and buttons that will allow you to  easily subscribe to it. Making getting new information from your favorite categories even easier.

For more information about our Shopping Blog click the link labeled More About the Easy Place to Shop Online Shopping Blog on the right side of this page underneath pages.

Lastly this Shopping Blog and Online Shopping Mall were built to make shopping as fast, easy and fun as possible. If you have any ideas that will help us make your Internet shopping experience more enjoyable while using Easy Place to Shop, please let us know by sending  an email using our contact us page. Thank you and enjoy the site.

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